Did You Know?

that pouring medications down the drain can harm the environment?

Wastewater treatment plants aren’t able to filter out all types or amounts of medications that are often flushed or poured down the drain. Sometimes, trace elements of the medication can disrupt the balance of life in our lakes, rivers and streams.

each person in the US fills an average of 12 prescriptions a year?

With Greenville County’s population of approximately 450,000 people, that means we bring home more than 5 million prescriptions each year. Plus there are millions more over-the-counter drugs. A lot of the medications go unused.

every day, an estimated 2,500 youth in the US misuse some form of medication for the first time?

70% of the teens who abuse medication report obtaining it from a friend or family member.

over 700,000 emergency room visits are due to the non-medical usage of prescription and over-the-counter drugs?

Teens often abuse prescription or over-the-counter drugs because they believe them to be a “safer” high than illegal drugs.

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