F. A. Q. s


Question: What is a permanent drug disposal bin?

Answer: Permanent drugs disposal bins provide a safe option for community members to responsibly dispose of unused or expired medications. Individuals can bring old prescriptions to the bins at their own convenience. 

Question:  Where are the bins located? 

Answer: We are constantly working to add more permanent disposal bins to help better serve our community. Visit our locations page to find a drug disposal bin near you.


Question:  Will Project Rx still hold take-back day events?

Answer:  As of 2016, Project Rx will solely focus on using permanent drug disposal bins to collect unused and expired medication from the community. To learn about the history of Project Rx and past drug take back days, read about the Project Rx story

Question: What happens to medication after it is disposed into a Project Rx bin?

Answer: Law enforcement is a big part of Project Rx to ensure the safety and security of our initiative. We proudly work in partnership with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). DEA Agents properly dispose of the collected medications by incineration. 

Question: Does incineration  cause air pollution?

Answer:  Incineration is currently the safest way to dispose of medications. It is also the same process used by law enforcement  for illicit drug disposal. The  incineration process is much more sophisticated than tossing medication into a fire. Law enforcement and other disposal companies advanced equipment with an extensive filtration process to prevent air pollution. 


Question: Can I volunteer at an event?

Answer: We appreciate the community’s interest in supporting the event. Due to security and safety reasons, we have strict protocols for who is allowed to work with Project Rx. Instead, we ask you to support us in promotionin your community and on social media.